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Exelare Job Page Integration Options

Exelare makes it easy to share your jobs on your company website.  With each option, we have the ability to customize things somewhat based on your needs (colors, columns, etc...).  Depending on the level of complexity, there could be a small cost to implement the requested changes.   With each version, you will have the option of redirecting your job seekers to the jobs page that we host - OR - you can choose to embed our jobs page into your existing website using an iFrame.  Exelare recommends using the redirect method as it will provide the best user experience for your job seekers.  If you choose to use the iFrame method instead, the experience for users coming to your site from mobile phones will not be ideal.  

Please note:
 With Option 1-3 below, Exelare provides this at no additional cost to our users.  It is a feature of the software and works "as is" (again with some basic customization's possible). That said, Exelare is not a custom website developer.  If you have needs above and beyond what Exelare provides to you (such as SEO rankings, individual URL's for each job, or simply a unique design), then Option 4 & 5 are your best bets.  

Option 1 - Single Page / Basic HTML Version

Our original design is simple yet effective.  Jobs are listed in rows at the top of the page, with more detailed summaries of the jobs outlined below on the same page.  When a user clicks on a hyperlink for a job, the page 'jumps' to the appropriate job in the page below.  When entering a search for the jobs, the jobs list is 'filtered' so as to only show jobs that match the search criteria of the job seeker.  With this concept, all jobs are listed on a single page so jobs do not have individual URL's.  Furthermore, cBizSoft hosts the jobs page for you and - if you wish - you can embed it into your website as an iFrame.  

Example Site:

Option 2 - Detailed HTML Version

Our 2nd generation design retains the simple nature of a jobs page, but looks slightly more modern.  As with our other options, certain things are customizable like colors, search boxes & data columns.  With this concept, we are still using an iFrame approach but when the job seeker clicks on a job link, they are taken to a different page to view the job.  Here you will have individual URL's for each of your jobs, but the jobs page is still hosted by cBizSoft.  

Example Site:

Option 3 - Responsive HTML Version

Our 3rd generation design was developed to have a responsive design.  This means when job seekers come to your website, the elements of the page will adjust so they look good not only on larger screens, but also on mobile devices or tablets.  That said, the site is still delivered via an iFrame approach, meaning the jobs page is embedded in your website.  This means if your website isn't already responsive, the responsive nature of the jobs page itself won't matter much.  As with our other options, this page is fairly customizable to help match the look and feel you desire.  

Example Site:

Option 4 - Use your own web developer & integrate with Exelare

You are not limited to the three (free) options listed above.  You are also welcome to work with your own web developer to build your own look and feel on your own website.  If you go this route, the web developer you choose can develop a jobs page experience to your exact specifications, and then simply 'integrate' your job page with Exelare.  This is a popular option for clients who want something 100% custom, but still want to have an automated way to push jobs to their website, and accept candidate applications online.  If you think you would like to go this route, please send an email to our support team so we can send your web developer all the information they will need to make the integration work.  

Option 5 - Work with an Exelare Partner

There are several web development firms we know of who offer Job board products that pre-integrate with Exelare.  Many of our clients have used these firms in the past and had great results. Feel free to check out the firm's offerings yourself and reach out to them if you are interested in getting a quote.  

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