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  1. "Post jobs on different job boards – indeed, SimplyHired etc."

  2. Adding / Creating & Linking Documents

  3. Adding / Creating Notes

  4. Adding a new job

  5. Adding and Activating Users

  6. Adding Candidates to Companies

  7. Adding Company, Contact or Candidate Records

  8. Adding Contacts to Companies

  9. Adding to Static Views (Saved Lists)

  10. Additional techniques - Live Search Bar

  11. Advanced Customizations

  12. Advanced Search in Candidates - Searching Resumes, Activities, Notes & Emails

  13. Advanced Search in Companies, Contacts or Jobs

  14. Automatic Email templates to manage Interviews

  15. Basic Live Search - using GUI

  16. Boolean Operators Cheat Sheet

  17. Build Job Search Criteria Using AI Engine

  18. Candidate Sourcing

  19. Candidate Sourcing - Updated

  20. Candidate Submittal CC and BCC Settings

  21. Compare Resumes

  22. Configuring Exelare so you can send email

  23. Creating new email templates in Exelare

  24. Creating Static Views (Saved Lists)

  25. Deleting Records

  26. Drag & Drop Attachments to Outgoing Emails

  27. Dynamic View Explanations

  28. Editing / Modifying Static Views (Saved Lists)

  29. Editing Dynamic Views

  30. Email Already Linked Documents from xTabs

  31. Email Marketing Options in Exelare

  32. Excluding a specific Zip Code with Distance/Radius

  33. Exelare 'Share' - Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Integrations

  34. Exelare DocuSign

  35. Exelare Email Sending Formats

  36. Exelare For Windows - On Your Mac

  37. Exelare For Windows 1.0 - A few major features not available in cBizOne

  38. Exelare For Windows 1.0 - New Features Compared to Exelare for Web

  39. Exelare Job Page Integration Options

  40. Exelare Mobile App

  41. Exelare Mobile App - Add a New Item

  42. Exelare Quick Books Integration

  43. Exporting Views to CSV / Excel Files

  44. Filter Resumes based on Editdate

  45. Filtering Within Fields - Live Search

  46. Find Matching Candidates

  47. Hiring Manager Portal Access

  48. Hiring Manager Portal Guide

  49. How to Send Text Messages from "Exelare for Windows"

  50. Import Contacts From Outlook

  51. Importing Candidate Resumes from a Single File (one at a time)

  52. Importing Candidate Resumes From Multiple Files (Bulk Resume Import)

  53. Importing Candidates From Outlook

  54. Importing Data into Exelare

  55. Importing From .CSV / Excel Files into Exelare

  56. Importing from Clipboard Text (GrabIT)

  57. Importing/Converting Data from Previous Vendor

  58. Improved HTML editor frame for Templates and Job Description

  59. Improved performance with GET button under Pipeline views

  60. Installing Exelare for Windows

  61. Installing the LinkedIn Chrome Extension "Exelare LinkedIn Integration"

  62. Link Candidates to Companies

  63. Link Contacts to Companies

  64. Link Jobs to Contacts

  65. Linking Candidates To Contacts and Jobs

  66. Linking Existing Candidates to Companies

  67. Linking Existing Contacts to Companies

  68. Making Candidates a Contact and Vice-Versa!

  69. Merge two duplicate records in Exelare

  70. More features added to Exelare Ring-Central texting

  71. Multi Edits

  72. Navigation in Templates

  73. New feature to submit candidates internally --> Perm Staffing DB

  74. New feature to submit candidates internally--> IT Template database

  75. Opening Records

  76. Parsing Candidates & Contacts from LinkedIn with "Exelare LinkedIn Integration" extension

  77. Placing RingCentral 'RingOut' Calls from Exelare

  78. Posting Jobs to Dice

  79. Posting Jobs to FeeTrader Through Exelare

  80. Protect Resume Branding

  81. Recently Added/Opened views

  82. Recycle Bin in Exelare

  83. Refresh Static Views

  84. Reply.IO Integration

  85. Reports

  86. Resume Branding - Automatically Insert Header & Footers into Outgoing Resume Submissions

  87. Resume Preview in Native Format + Editing

  88. Ring Central Chat Window - updated

  89. RingCentral Integration Details

  90. Scheduling Activities - Tasks, Calls, Interviews, Meetings, Events, Other

  91. Searching Fields - Live Search

  92. Send & Receive SMS/Text messages in Exelare - using RingCentral

  93. Send Invitation via SMS

  94. Sending a Single Email

  95. Sending Candidate Lists (HotLists)

  96. Sending emails from Exelare using native Outlook as SMTP

  97. Sending Job Lists (ReqLists)

  98. Sending Mass Emails – Email Merge – Email Marketing

  99. Sending Meeting Invitations from Exelare

  100. Set Document as 'Default' Resume

  101. Setting Default Email Accounts for Single & Bulk/Mass Emailing

  102. Setting up Email integration with Gmail, or Email providers

  103. Setting up FeeTrader Integration with Exelare

  104. Setting up RingCentral 'RingOut' Calls from Exelare

  105. Setting up SendGrid Integration

  106. Setting up Skype Integration for Outbound Calls

  107. Setup / Creating Alerts

  108. Setup Calendar 'Auto-Sync' (Outlook 2013)

  109. Setup iCalendar in Outlook (Outlook 2007)

  110. Setup iCalendar in Outlook (Outlook 2013)

  111. Setup Outlook Integration - Installing the xBar Outlook Plugin

  112. Source Candidates with “Auto-Add Viewed Resumes”

  113. Source Candidates with New API

  114. Start Here! - Getting Started with Exelare For Windows

  115. Submitting Candidates To Contacts

  116. Submitting Candidates To Jobs

  117. Update Twilio SendGrid API authentication in Exelare

  118. Updating Candidate Submitted/Status (Pipeline)

  119. User Permissions

  120. Web-Sourcing

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