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Scheduling Activities - Tasks, Calls, Interviews, Meetings, Events, Other

To schedule an activity in Exelare (Tasks, Calls, Interviews, Meetings, Events, etc...), follow the steps below:  
  1. Right click on any Company, Contact, Candidate or Job Record.   You can also Right Click in certain xTabs as well like the Pipeline.  
  2. Select Schedule and then the appropriate Schedule Type (Call, Interview, Meeting, Task, etc...)
  3. Select the Sub-Type from the lookup list and set the Priority from the lookup.
  4. Hint:  You can also select multiple records at the same time to schedule the same/similar activity for all the selected records.  
  5. Set the Date, Start Time and End Time to schedule the Activity.
  6. To schedule a “Task”, set the Start Date and Due Date.
  7. Set an “Auto Follow-up” schedule if desired.
  8. If you want to be reminded about this activity, make sure to select the 'Reminder' checkbox and choose a reminder interval.  
  9. Type a descriptive Subject for the activity or select from the lookup
  10. Type Notes to add details about the activity if you need more details
  11. Check the Private checkbox if you want to make private to you, so no other users can see it.
  12. Click “Save & Close” to save the activity to your calendar or task list.  

Please refer to the tutorial link. (How to send invitations from Exelare Calendar?)

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