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Adding / Creating Notes


To add a note to any Company, Contact, Candidate or Job Record, please follow the steps below

  1. Locate any Company, Contact, Candidate or Job Record
  2. ‘Right Click’ and select ‘Note’
  3. A new Note window will pop up
  4. Add a Sub-Type, Subject and any desired Notes
  5. Choose which records this note should be linked to (You can chose a contact, candidate and job per individual note.  Only one is required).  Note:  Depending on where you initiated the note, one or all linked records may already be selected.
  6. Click ‘Save & Close’
Bonus:  Add Notes to more than one record at once
To add notes to more than one Company, Contact, Candidate or Job at once, simply select multiple records using your SHIFT or CTRL keys.  Once the desired records are selected, follow steps 2-5 above.

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