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Importing From .CSV / Excel Files into Exelare


To import Companies, Contacts, Candidates or Jobs from a .csv / Excel File, please follow these steps:

Important:  If your data is in Excel Format, you will need to Save your Excel file as CSV (Comma Separated Values) formats before importing.

  1. Select the folder on left to which you want to import data into (Ex:Companies, Contacts etc)
  2. Click on "Import from CSV" Icon at the top
  3. Browse and select the file you want to import and click "Next"
  4. Drag The "Import Fields" from the Right Hand side of the screen to the "Map" Column on the left hand side. Match the fields from the right (importing fields) to the appropriate fields on the left.
  5. Follow On Screen Prompts (different for each table, but self explanatory)  
  6. Click on "Categories" button to give the imported contacts a category or Add/Modify/Delete an existing category and assign (though not mandatory). See "Hint:1" for "Categories".
  7. You also have an option to click on "Add to Static View" and save the imported data to a static view and "Save Map". See "Hint:2" below regarding saving the Map file.
  8. Click "Next" and click “Finish” to begin the import of your data.

Hint:1 Categories can be used to make groups out of DB, like for example, all Clients, all Vendors, Partners. Pref. Partners, White Vendors etc. Like wise, you can also sub categorize them by grouping.

Hint:2 At any point you can click on “Save Map” to save your progress.  You can come back to your import at a later time and locate the map file to pick up where you left off before.  This can be very useful when importing .CSV files from the same source over and over.

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