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Importing from Clipboard Text (GrabIT)


To import Candidates, Contacts or Companies from Clipboard Text (GrabIT), please follow these steps

  1. If a Candidate, Highlight and Copy the entire text of a resume from any source.  If a Contact or Company, highlight the Signature or Contact info block and copy.
  2. Open the appropriate Candidates, Contacts or Companies Tab in Exelare
  3. Click on the "New" and select “GrabIT” from the dropdown.
  4. Follow On Screen Prompts to Parse the resume (or contact or company) and check for duplicates.  
    Hint:  If you are importing a candidate, you will also have an option to link the candidate to an open job as "Potential" or "Received".
  5. Click "Finish".
Please See: How to add Contacts from incoming emails (GrabIT).

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