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Importing Candidates From Outlook


To import candidates from Outlook, please follow these steps

Note:  Please ensure you have the xBar Outlook Plugin Installed before proceeding.  xBar works with the installed Outlook application for PC’s.  It is not designed for Outlook For Mac’s.

  1. Open Outlook on your PC
  2. For older versions of Outlook, you will see the xBar immediately.  For newer versions of Outlook, please click on the “Add-Ins” tab.
  3. Locate any email
  4. Click on any email that has a resume attached to it
  5. Using the xBar, click ‘Add To>Add To Candidates’
  6. Follow the on screen prompts to parse the resume, check for duplicates, and link the candidate as ‘Potential’ or ‘Received’
  7. Click ‘Finish’
BONUS:  Importing Multiple Candidates From Outlook at Once
  1. Hold your CTRL key down and use your mouse to highlight multiple candidate emails at once
  2. Using the xBar, Click  ‘Add-To>Add To Candidates’
  3. Follow the on screen prompts to give the imported candidates a category (not mandatory)
  4. Set a rule on how to deal with duplicates (Add, Update, Ignore)
  5. Click ‘Yes’

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