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Advanced Search in Candidates - Searching Resumes, Activities, Notes & Emails


To search across resumes, activities, notes, or emails attached to candidate records, please follow these steps:

(Note:  You can also search across Notes, Activities & Emails in Company, Contact & Job Records as well)

Initiating a Search
  1. In any Candidates View, click on the ‘Advanced Search’ button on the top right of the view
  2. A new window will open
  3. Click the ‘Keyword Search In’ Button and choose whether to search Resumes, QNotes, Summaries, Calendar Items, Notes, or Emails.  Or check them all to search all simultaneously.
  4. Choose whether to use ‘Regular Search’ or ‘Boolean Search’.  If you use the Boolean Search Option, you can enter full Boolean Strings in to the new search box you see.  Please see:  Exelare Boolean Operators Cheat Sheet
  5. If you use ‘Regular Search’, you can use the available search fields (All, Any, None & Exact Phrases).
  6. Type in the keywords you want to search for with a space between the keywords.  It is not necessary to use commas
  7. Enter a ZipCode and Search Radius if desired (not required)
  8. Click ‘Find Now’
  9. Your search will start and you will now see the results of your search in the view you had selected
Using Facets to Narrow Down Your Search
  1. When your search results appear, you will see a new ‘Facets’ section appear to the left of the search results.  You can use these facets to “drill down” or refine the results of the search you just initiated.
  2. Simply click on the check boxes you see to select facets to drill down on.  After 5 seconds, the search will refresh based on your chosen facets.
  3. To select many facets at once, click one of the ‘Choose More’ links.
  4. A new window will open allowing you to cycle through all of the available facets and choose which you want to use
  5. Once you are finished choosing all of your facets, close the window by clicking on the red 'X' to apply all search facets.
Adding to or Narrowing Down your Resume Search
  1. At any point in time during your search, you can click on the ‘Advanced Search’ button one more time.  When doing so, you will see three options:  1) Add,  2)  Narrow,  3) Replace
  2. Add – By Selecting ‘Add’, you can enter new search criteria and the new results will be added to the results you already searched for
  3. Narrow – By Selecting ‘Narrow’, you can enter new search criteria.  This is effectively a search within a search.  The new search will only search the candidates you have already found, except it will search based on the new criteria you enter.
  4. Replace – By Selecting ‘Replace’, you can enter new search terms and execute a completely new search, ignoring and replacing your previous results.
Advanced Tips
  1. Save Your Searches – At any point, click on the ‘Save’ icon next to the ‘Saved Searches’ box.  A new window will pop up, allowing you to give your search a name and save it.  At any time you re-open your search by selecting it from the drop down list.
  2. Use the Lookup Field Operator to choose values from any lookup –  Simply choose a Lookup field using the dropdown list.  Once you have selected a lookup field, click on any of the Dropdown arrow buttons to the right of any search box.  You will now see a list of values from which you can select.  Change the ‘Lookup Field” from the dropdown list to change the available values to choose from.

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