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Linking Candidates To Contacts and Jobs


There are different ways to link a Candidate to a Contact and Job:

  1. Received – You can link a candidate as ‘Received' when these candidates apply to a particular Job (Note: Use 'Received From', if you received them from an outside source such as a vendor or partner)
  2. Potential  Use this to build your Potential Candidates list from Received Candidates for a particular Job.  As you import or search for candidates, you can link them as potential for one or multiple Jobs
  3. Submitted – If you did not to use the integrated ‘Submit via Email’ function, or submitted the candidate from a different source such as a VMS or in person, you can always manually link the candidate as submitted to a Contact or a Job.

Hint:  You can and will link candidates multiple times.  For example, the candidate might be already linked as “Received’.  You can then link as ‘Potential’, and then later link as ‘Submitted’.

To Link a candidate, as ‘Potential’, ‘Received’, or ‘Submitted’, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Candidate folder  and locate a candidate record (or multiple records if you are submitting more than one candidate)
  2. Select the Candidate(s) you want to link using your CTRL or Shift Keys and mouse
  3. ‘Right Click’ and select the type of linking you would like to do.

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