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Advanced Customizations


There are so many ways in which Exelare can be customized.  Many customization’s can be done on your own.  Other more advanced customization’s need to be handled by cBizSoft or by an independent developer or company familiar with the cBizSoft Web Services API.  Just a few of the customizations possible include:

  • Email StyleSheets (Emails, Candidate Lists, Job Lists & Resume Submission Emails)
  • Database Triggers (ie:  When one thing happens, make something else happen).  Example:  When a Job is Created, automatically create a Task to ‘Send a Proposal’.
  • Reports & Dashboards – if the data is in the database, we can present it to you in a dashboard or report
  • Advanced Dynamic Views – Dynamic Views based on specific criteria – beyond basic custom columns and names.
  • Integrations with Other Systems – Exelare can integrate with almost any system imaginable utilizing API’s (application programming interfaces).
  • Parsing Engine – Customize the parsing engine to extract more or less information based on your needs (Based on Sovren Parsing Technology)
  • Much More!
cBizSoft loves doing advanced customization’s for our clients!  Just email with your custom request.  We would be happy to give you a free estimate.

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