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Configuring Exelare so you can send email

Configuring Exelare so you can send email from the application

  1. Inside Exelare, open a new email window.  You can do this by selecting any contact or candidate record and then clicking on the ‘Send>Email’ button. 
  2. Once the email window opens, click on ‘Create New Account’ icon (hover your mouse over the icons to see help text). on the top right hand corner.
  3. Enter all of your corresponding details and then click OK.  
Please Note: If you don’t know your outgoing server or user name & password, you will need to check with your email service provider to get this information.  It should be the same information you use for sending emails through Outlook, Gmail or your preferred email client.  

Setting Up EMail Account in Exelare For Windows (EFW)

Step 1:
Double click and open the Exelare app. Fill the login details and click on "Login" button. Now it will open the Exelare window.

Step 2:
Click on the settings icon in the top right corner in the Exelare window and select "User Options..." from the menu. Now it will open a pop-up window.

Step 3:
Now click on the "Email" tab in the pop-up window.

Step 4:
Now click on the "Advanced" tab and click on "Create New Account".

Step 5:
Fill in your details in the form and click on "OK" button.

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