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Exelare For Windows 1.0 - A few major features not available in cBizOne

Here are just a few of the major updates available in Exelare for Windows 1.0 that you don’t have access to in cBizOne.

Live Search for All Versions

Depending on the version of cBizOne you are using, our Live search may or may not be “live”.  In many cases, you enter your search criteria in the search boxes and then hit your ‘enter’ key or ‘get’ to return the search results.  With Exelare for Windows, that is not the case.  Simply enter your search terms and watch the search results populate automatically as you type.

Live Search in xTabs

In cBizOne you only have the ability to sort columns in the xTabs.  With Exelare for Windows, we have brought the power of live search to the xTabs as well.  Easily sorting and searching in xTabs makes it so much easier to find that email or note you were looking for.  

Drag & Drop Column Customization

Customizing views has never been easier.  Simply right click on any column header to hide it from the view.  You can also click on any column header and then drag it left or right to rearrange the order of the columns in the view.  Each Dynamic view is customizable per user to offer even more flexibility.  

Open Multiple Entity Tabs at once

With Exelare for Windows you now have the ability to open your primary entities (Companies, Contacts, Candidates, Jobs) in different tabs.  This makes switching between entities much easier, and also allows you to have multiple entity tabs open at the same time.  For example, you may have multiple candidate tabs open at the same time, performing a different search in each tab.  

Open Multiple Edit Forms at once

Have you longed for the ability to have multiple records open at one time?  Unlike cBizOne where you were limited to just one edit form per entity (Company, Contact, Candidate, Job, Activity, Note, Email), with Exelare, you can have as many edit forms open as you want.  Easily compare records side by side, or minimize forms so you remember to come back to them later.  This along with the entity tab concept goes a very long way in helping recruiters and account managers multi-task.  

New Action Menu’s

Exelare’s action menu’s have all been updated to be more user friendly and straightforward.  Action menu’s are much more explicit in what they do.  This should make the learning curve for new users much faster, and also make some of our most popular features easier to find.  

Universal Search

Not sure if that person who called is a contact or a candidate?  Have the email or phone number but not the name?  No problem.  Universal Search is always at the top of Exelare so you can type in a few letters or numbers and search across your entire database of Companies, Contacts, Candidates and Jobs and then quickly hop to a record.  Universal search eliminates the need to search in multiple places.  

New Dashboards & Reporting Framework

cBizOne was limited on the types of Dashboards & Reports that were available.  With Exelare we completely re-imagined our approach.  Dashboards are now linked directly to reports and offer the ability to filter and drill down based on different sets of criteria.  Users can customize the filters used on their own dashboards to see data that is relevant to them.  There are also many more dashboards available “out of the box” that should be useful to you.  We plan on releasing more and more dashboards & reports over the coming months and years.  

Faceted Search & Zip Code Radius Searching

Zip Code Radius searching has been incorporated into the ‘Advanced Find’ feature.  You no longer have to open a ZipCode Radius view before initiating a search.  Simply type in the ZipCode and distance during your normal advanced find search.  Once your search results come back, you can use our new Faceted or ‘Drill down’ search criteria to further refine your search results - Just like on LinkedIn!  

Drag & Drop Calendar Items

Inside of the Exelare for Windows Calendar, it is easy to simply drag and drop appointments when you need to reschedule them.  You don’t have to open the appointment and manually change the dates & times any more.  

Automatic Updates

Perhaps one of the best features of Exelare for Windows is Auto-Updates.  Whenever we have a new version of the software available, you will be notified as you log in to the software.  This means you can always have the “latest and greatest’ features, without needing to contact us or manually download installation files.  We hope this goes a long way in keeping all of our users in the know about all the cool things we are doing with the software.  

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