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Setting up RingCentral 'RingOut' Calls from Exelare

With Exelare for Windows, you can place outbound calls using your RingCentral phone number.  In order to place outbound calls, you first need to have our support team configure your account for you.  Please gather the following information from your RingCentral Account before contacting our support team:  
  1. Your RingCentral Direct Phone Line - This is the line associated with your RingCentral User Account but not necessarily the primary or billing phone number.  
  2. Your RingCentral Password - The password you use to login to RingCentral
  3. Your Desired CallerID - The phone number you want to be displayed on the 'Caller ID' when you call other people.  This is generally your Primary or Billing phone number with RingCentral
Once you have gathered this information, please send an email to with all of the details.  Our team will email you once the setup has been completed.  You should then be able to start placing outbound calls via your 'RingCentral for Windows' Softphone Application

Please Note:  This only works from Windows Based PC's.  You also must have 'RingCentral for Windows' installed on your computer and the program must be running.  

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