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Boolean Operators Cheat Sheet

Boolean Search:

This search type is used for building a logically structured search string of the keywords and/or phrases. The results of the search will be based on the words entered in the KEYWORDS field and the logical operators included. The KEYWORDS field may include one or more logical operators. A list of the support logical operators is listed below along with a couple examples.

Here are the boolean search "operators":

1) Operators are: AND, OR, NOT, NEAR
2) Wild Card is: *


(Orange or Apple or "Apple Juice") and (Fruit near Juice) and Banana and "*berry" and not"Cherry"

NOTE: while using "not" operator, please do not give any space after NOT and wrap the keyword with ("") double quotes.


1) If you are searching for a keyword which has more than one word (ex: Apple Juice) you need to wrap it in quotes.

2) If you are doing a partial word search (ex: *berry) you need to wrap it in quotes.  As you know "*berry" will match Raspberry, Strawberry, etc.

NOTE: We do our best to highlight the keywords you entered in your search when you are reviewing the details of each job. Please note that the highlighting is not part of the search mechanism itself and is not always perfect due to the complexity of some of the search types available. If you find job results that don’t have any keywords highlighted, it does not necessarily mean that the result is not valid.

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