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Setup iCalendar in Outlook (Outlook 2007)

Steps to Copy the iCalendar URL from Exelare for Windows

1.  In Exelare, Click on "Settings Icon" --> "User Options..."

2.  Go to "Calendar" Tab and Copy the URL from "Internet Calendar".

Steps to add Exelare Calendar as ICS in Outlook 2007

1.  In Outlook, Click on "File " -> "Import and Export..."

2.  Choose "Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)" and Click on "Next".

3.  Paste the URL you Copied and Click on "Open". (If URL not Copied, click here and follow the steps)

4.  Click on "Open as New".

5.  Now you can see "Exelare for Windows Calendar".

6.  In xBar, Click on "Tools" --> "Options".

7.  Select the Option "Auto-Sync Exelare Calendar with Outlook" and click "OK".


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