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Posting Jobs to Dice

Posting Job to dice

Step1: Make sure all the details of a job are filled.
Step2: Post Job on Dice

To enter all the details of the job:

1. Go to Jobs -> Click on Open view-> Select a job -> Double click to open the record.


2. Check “Send In Joblist” check box
3. Private check box must be unchecked


4. Under Skills (tab) enter “Job Description”.

5. Click on Posting (Tab) and fill all the details:


6. Click on the Common Fields (Tab): Fill all the details


7. Click on Dice (Tab): Fill all the details


8. Key in the below information:


To post jobs to Dice

1. In Exelare, click on “Job Posting” folder in the left pane


2. In the right pane click on “Job Boards”


3. Click on Dice (Tab) and enter your Batch Username and Password and click on OK.


4. From the drop down select Dice:


5. Check your desired Job(s) you want to post onto Dice and click on “Post Jobs” at the top right corner.


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