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Compare Resumes

It is easy to compare a candidate's resume with historical resumes or any other document on your computer.  This helps to understand changes that have been made to the resume over a period of time.  

To Compare a resume to a different version. or document on your hard drive, please do the following:  

1.) Right-click on any Candidate record and choose the 'Compare Resume with..' action
2.) Now choose a resume from the dropdown menu presented - OR - click on the 'Browse' button to choose a file or resume from your computer's hard drive.  
3.) A new window will open showing you the two resumes or documents you have selected to compare.  You will see three options:   'Merged', 'Side by Side' & 'InLine'.  Feel free to cycle between the options and choose the view that works best for you.  Any text highlighted in Green shows new text that has been added.  Text highlighted in Red shows text that has been deleted.  Text highlighted in Yellow, shows text that has been changed.  

Purpose: This feature is implemented to easily spot fake resumes, or compare alternate versions of resumes.  It can be useful if a candidate sends a completely different version of a resume and you need to know what has changed, or potentially if you are being lied to on the candidates skill set.  

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